PKU Helper

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PKU Helper is one of the most complicated applications I have written. It can help you connect to PKU's network gateway, view your course table, notifications, grades and up to 20 more other features.

This project consists of three parts: the Android version, the iOS version, and the server side. I developed the Android version, and my friend, Dian Xiong developed the iOS version. We developed the server side together.

On the start of the development, we thought that, there were too many essential websites in our school, including IPGW, Dean, Course, Portal, etc. So we had to fetch from each website to get our personal information, including course tables or grades. More insufferable, there were no apps on smart phones, so students had to open the browser. Intolerable!

So, we decided to develop a helpful APP for students, which can help them do everything they need, instead of opening the browser. Luckily, we did it! After that, we also tried to introduce some UGC (User Generated Content), including PKU Hole (Students can say anything anonymously), support of BDWMBBS, Lost & Found, and so on.

I have to say that, the application was hard to develop, and there were over 45000 lines in the Android version. But, it was a huge success! It has covered over 90% of undergraduates, and been officially recognized by the school, and listed in PKU Official Applications! And we got the First Prize in Chinese Computer Design Competition in 2015!

The Android version (v2.1+) is open source, you can view our website, download apk directly, get source code or just watch the demo video to learn more.