HTML5 Magic Tower Template

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Magic Tower, is a fixed-damage RPG game in China, and many teenagers have played it in their childhood. However, it sometimes can be very hard, you have to think a lot to solve it.

Currently, most magic tower games are made by RMXP, which is absolutely suitable to create a magic tower game. However, we have to admit that games by RMXP can only be played on Windows, which is very inconvenient in mobilized modern society.

HTML5 can be supported on any platform, including Windows, MacOS, Android, and iOS. So I write this magic tower template, to help anyone make their own magic tower games, even if they cannot write any JS code.

This project consists a principal project and some sub tools.

 - mota-js : The principal project, the template, based on JS.
 - mota-js-server : A local HTTP server which can also handle POST request to help JS extend IO requests, based on C#.
 - ps : A convenient photo edit tool, which help uses edit image materials via simple copy and paste operations.
 - map_generator : A program which can generate map data from a given image (screenshot), based on C#.
 - JSCompressor : A Javascript compressor, which can compress JS code to reduce IO requests.
 - magic-tower-calculator : A calculator which can calculate damage and critical values for given monsters, based on C#.

You can view the source code on github, read the docs, or play the demo game immediately if you want to get more details about this project.