VMware Horizon Audit Agent

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VMware Horizon Audit Agent is a plugin of VMware Horizon Toolbox, which can audit end users' actions.

This project consists of three parts: a Windows Service, a user app, and a Windows Driver. The user app will monitor the clipboard actions and registry changes, then send a message to the windows service. The service will record all the changes, and upload them to the server. As for the driver, it's mainly based on Minispy, which can monitor and log any I/O and transaction activity that occurs on the drive. We choose to use Windows Driver because FileSystemWatcher in C# is not reliable and can not work on network drive.

This project is mainly based on C# (The Windows Driver is based on C), and compressed to an MSI installer by InstallShield, and we also developed the server, to display all the end users' actions to the administrator.

Unfortunately, this is a closed source project, but you can download the installer, or watch the demo video.