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CAPUBBS is the official forum of CAPU (Cycling Association of Peking University), since 2001. It was using Perl to render the page, and all data were saved to files instead of a database before 2014. In 2014, I decided to rewrite the whole website, using LAMP (Linux+Apache+Mysql+PHP), and with the help of Dian Xiong, we finally did it in 2015.

This project consists of four parts: the back-end, the front-end (website), the Android version, and the iOS version. I developed the back-end and the Android version, Dian Xiong developed the front-end and the iOS version.

The figure above is the main framework of the website. All the clients, including browser, Android version and iOS version share the same data, so it's easy to maintain the system.

As for the Android client, the current version is v2.0, written in Dec 2016. You can view v1.0, written in 2014, here, but it's too ugly. In v2.0, there are more functions such as registry or chatting, and the UI is more refreshing and user-friendly.

The website and Android version is open source. You can view our website, download apk directly, or just get source code.